Credit repurchase: without changing bank?


It is not compulsory to change banks by carrying out a credit buy-back or even a grouping of credits, there are tricks to carry out this operation independently of your bank.

Credit repurchase without its bank

Credit repurchase without its bank

A repurchase of credit or a grouping of credits consists in making repurchase by an organization several credits in the course of refunding, the interest to make this operation is to be able to gain some euros on its refunding (by renegotiating its rate) or to get out of ‘a complicated situation (by reducing monthly payments).

This operation is often offered by banks wishing to retain new customers and the offer is often accompanied by a repatriation of bank accounts with the new lender. Simply, everyone is not necessarily determined to leave their bank and wishes to preserve its current functioning.

Redeem credits without changing banks

Redeem credits without changing banks

It is possible to use this financing without having to inform your banker, and without having to leave him. You just need to go through a broker or bank intermediary. The role of this structure is to propose a financing offer while respecting the requirements of the borrower, in particular that of not leaving his bank.

The broker will therefore endeavor to offer his client an offer to buy back a loan or group credit without changing banks, there are credit institutions that only specialize in financing. It is simpler and sometimes the offers are more attractive than conventional banks.

The loan consolidation allows you to consolidate all your loans, to a single monthly payment with one maturity date. It allows you for example to group one or more mortgage loans with an automotive credit and other consumer loans.

The aim of debt consolidation is to improve your purchasing power. You will not have a single maturity. You can in a loan consolidation, extend the borrowing period or there could be the possibility of a loan having a lower interest rate if market conditions allow. Caution, however, an extension of the credit period, even if it allows a reduction of the amount of the monthly payment, causes an increase in the total cost of credit.


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