Loans for start-ups without equity.

It is difficult for start-ups. Not only do they have to get their business up and running, they also have to deal with the banks to get a loan. In contrast to employees or workers, they still do not have any monthly income, which makes it difficult to commit to a loan.

The banks want to make sure that they get their money back, and without proof, a rejection is almost inevitable.

Where can start-ups turn?

Where can start-ups turn?

There is still the possibility to get loans for start-ups without equity. The path is rocky, but can be crowned with success. Without equity, the first thing is to ask the house bank, because Intrasavings bank Bank processes loans for start-ups without equity. One of Intrasavings bank’s tasks is to support start-ups and medium-sized companies with funding.

Nevertheless, the house bank is initially responsible for this, because it first checks the submitted documents. A well-developed business plan is just as important as a location analysis and clarification of the question of profitability. Only after these documents have been carefully checked and the administrator is convinced of the profitability of the planned company, will he pass them on to Intrasavings bank, which will make the final decision.

Lower interest rates through Intrasavings bank

Lower interest rates through Intrasavings bank

Those who receive loans for start-ups without equity benefit from lower interest rates. This should make it easier to start your own business. But it is not that easy to get such a loan, because if the bank clerk has doubts about profitability, he will not even pass the documents on to the reconstruction credit institution.

The entrepreneur has to be well prepared for the conversation because the documents alone are not enough. This also requires persuasiveness and a good dose of rhetoric to convince the bank’s clerk of the project. Unfortunately, most start-ups fail here because they are not up to the conversation with the clerk.


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